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Day 9. Kalaw

Monday, November 6, 2006 permalink [Permalink]

Bill and Dave weren't feeling 100%, so we all decided to stay an additional night in Kalaw to rest up before moving on.

Dave's still not well, he could barely stomach breakfast and went straight back to bed.

A family that rides together, stays together

We were thinking of splitting up.  Bill to stay with Dave and Mucks and I keep riding to Mandalay.  I didn't really want to split the group up and in the end we decided to stay together and wait it out in Kalaw.

Mucks and I checked out the local town sights and the markets.  Plenty of fresh fruit, fish from the lake, spices and lots rice varieties.

When we got back Dave was putting on a brave face and was dressed and ready to go, but was still not 100%.  We decided to go out and explore another area of the town but shortly after embarking on the walk Dave felt unwell and went back to the hotel.  Bill, Mucks and I headed up to the top of a mountain to have lunch at a nice restaurant.

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