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Day 12. Mandalay

Thursday, November 9, 2006 permalink [Permalink]

We are still a bit down about Dave's passport. However it proved to be a good excuse to see the Moustache Brothers.

I woke up this morning with David wishing me a happy birthday and handed me a yellow balloon.  The moment I grabbed it the balloon flew away; he hadn't tied the end.  Yep I’m 33.

Happy Burmese birthday to the baby

We went down to Johnny’s office to find out if the passport was found.  Good news - the police managed to recover part of Dave’s lost bundle - the wallet which contained some of his cash.  Unfortunately the US dollars were gone and the only thing left were a few Euros which Dave decided to give to the person who found them.

With the police travel document he can get around Myanmar; so it’s not that critical.  I think the police have done just about all that they possibly could and tomorrow we should head off towards Bagan.

Still we had a full day to fill up and exploring the smaller towns south of Mandalay was in order. 

Abandoned but not forgotten

Amarapura, the first city we visited had been abandoned hundreds of years ago and contained beautiful temples and artwork.  I particularly liked the 1.3km teak bridge which has stood the test of time for over 200 years.

From here we followed the road south across the bridge and were greeted with more golden pagodas poking their heads above the green tree canopies.  After a quick lunch we rode back towards Mandalay to have an early birthday dinner.

Clean shaven but nowhere to go

We wanted to see The Moustache Brothers, a comedy group which over the years has been spared any major persecution by the government due to their international popularity.  They performed some traditional dances, made jokes about the military and let the audience participate in the show.

Although I admire their bravery in doing what they do, I think they missed the point of why they are held in such high regard I don’t think they pushed the envelope as much as everyone suggested.

Would I go back - probably not.

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