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Day 19. Yangon

Thursday, November 16, 2006 permalink [Permalink]

Today wasn't as exciting as we had hoped. The passport dramas have caused us to stick around in Yangon, but we all know that we'd rather be cycling through new and unexplored places. We did manage to check out Kandawgy Lake.

Most of the day was spent riding around Yangon.  We went back to the consulate to check on the passport progress and Dave handed over 160,000K (USD150) to have his passport issued.  We'll need to wait till this afternoon before it’s all processed.

Sleepy Kandawgy Lake

After lunch at the Junior Duck overlooking the Yangon River we decided to have a nap at Kandawgyi Lake.  Nice parklands, away from the diesel fumes and traffic but sprawling with young couples from the nearby university.

In the afternoon we rode down to the embassy again to pickup Dave's passport.  Everything but his ticket is organized so we'll need to head back to Thai airways tomorrow.

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