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Day 20. Around Yangon

Friday, November 17, 2006 permalink [Permalink]

Another wasted day in Yangon - at least the end is close and we can finally go somewhere new again.

I'm really starting to get sick of the Winner Inn.  Every morning at breakfast they bring out toast with two little dishes of butler and jam - enough for one piece of toast.  

Can I have some jam with that please

The whole morning is spent asking for extra butler and jam.  When you ask for more toast they only bring out the toast so again, you must make a separate order for the butter and jam; the same thing with tea and coffee.  You only get one teabag and a whole pot of boiling water.  After one cup of tea you're left with an almost full pot of hot water but no teabag to make more.

I think I'm starting to get bitchy because the holiday is officially over tomorrow - we get on the plane out of Burma. 

The end has come much too quickly and I wish we could have cycled through more of the country, especially the west coastline I know the boys feel the same way too. 

Most of the day was spent riding along the outskirts of Yangon trying to take in more before our very untimely departure.


Due to some unavoidable events we were forced to abandon parts of the trip and make up time by flying - there was no other way.  We didn’t cover as much territory as we’d planned but the parts we did visit were phenomenal. 

The people we generous and kind.  The food, a mixture of Chinese, Thai and Indian, all prepared to perfection with a special Burmese twist.  There wasn’t a day during this ride that anyone felt hungry or wanted for anything (except jam).

Burma by far was no easy effort for a cyclist with panniers.  The weather was hot, the roads particularly bad and this ride presented me with what I would call the hardest days ride I’ve ever done, Day 7. Thazi to Kalaw.

Although not as adventurous as the Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan ride in 2004, Burma will be etched in my mind as one of the best trips so far.


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