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Day 3. El Kantaoui & Sousse

Tuesday, August 28, 2007 permalink [Permalink]

Take a TukTuk to Sousse and explored the medina. With so many tourists clumping together in their groups it was sometimes hard to figure out the real character of Sousse. At night the big dinner and presentation.

This morning we used a TukTuk to drive into Sousse again, this time as legal tourists; we walked around the medina, markets and absorbed the atmosphere.

We found a lovely little cafe in the medina with a huge terrace overlooking the Med.  I even got to have another Shisha (a pipe with flavoured tobacco). 

There were so many Polish tourists here - all huddled in their little groups being led like sheep by tour guides.  It was almost embarrassing sometimes to hear their language and how they referred to the Tunisians.  If you don't like Arabs or people who are different than you why go to the country in the first place?  Stay at home if you can’t understand or absorb another culture.

We needed to be back in El Kantaoui by 9pm as the race organizers had a gala dinner and the presentation of awards. 

We got to meet with the French, Tunisian and Maltese ambassadors who made the award presentations and sampled some lovely couscous & fish.  Out of the 29 boats/yachts that were originally in the competition we came 4th - not bad considering that we are both amateurs.  No prize but I'm happy with that result.

Still, I managed to hold one of the trophies in my hand - just so I know what it feels like for next time :)

I texted my friend Kasey in Tunis and asked her if it would be ok to come up and visit her and Andrew tomorrow (I was their best man for the wedding in Italy). 

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