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Day 4. Tunis

Wednesday, August 29, 2007 permalink [Permalink]

We explore Tunis and meet with Kasey and Andrew who take us through Carthage and some beautiful surrounding areas.

We (Mario, Kathleen, Malcolm and I) got up early this morning to catch the 8:30 train to Tunis (Capital of Tunisia).

The trip took about 2 hours on a rundown but air conditioned train.  The surrounding vegetation was quite dry at first but after an hour we could see mountains and green trees.  Lots of olive trees everywhere.

Tunis surprised me, really nice town - laid out by the French with traditional large boulevards and tree lined streets.  Very green and cosmopolitan - you could be forgiven for thinking you're in the middle of Paris.  Even the women don't seem to be following the Muslim code and cover up.  Shorts, skirts etc seem to be the go.

I met up with Kasey at the entrance to the main square and from there we took a cab to Carthage - a very old town littered throughout history as a main trading post where many countries fought for control.  Here we sat in the shade and had some lunch after which we walked around the area and tried to find somewhere that sold alcoholic beer. 

The trip back was quick as we almost missed our stop because we fell asleep on the train.

That evening we got ready for the return trip to Lampedusa.  We fuelled up the boat, topped up the water - checked the weather and at 5am we set sail

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