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Day 1. Johannesburg to Dubai

Friday, September 11, 2009 permalink [Permalink]

With my last project in Botswana finished, I jumped on the JNB to Dubai flight - one step closer to China :)

With my last project completed and the client left in good hands with a fellow colleague, I got onto the flight out of Botswana and headed to Johannesburg.  I'd left my bicycle in a hotel I usually stay at while jumping from country to country (via JNB) and would once again pick it up on the way through.

My flight out of Johannesburg wasn't till 2pm the following day, so no need to rush with packing the bike and sorting the cycling clothes from my work clobber.

Out of Africa
[My thoughts exactly]

At JNB airport they insisted in wrapping my bike with clear plastic wrap, apparently all Emirates flights require you to have this done now. Next time I'll ask why, but I half suspect that the number of lost items and crime at the airport had something to do with it.  With that done, the rest was smooth flying to Dubai.

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