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Day 20. Around Shanghi

Wednesday, September 30, 2009 permalink [Permalink]

Our luck with the weather seems to have ended, and we prepare ourselves for another day with grey clouds looming over us.

It was drizzling all the time and exploring the city was little fun.  We did walk around quite a bit, poking our noses in and out of various neighbourhoods.

Dave, wet and depressed
[Dave, wet and depressed]

Dave even managed to buy a local cycling/motorcycling cover cloth - one of those yellow outfits would surely come in handy on his scooter back home.

Shanghai skyline whilst raining
[Shanghai skyline whilst raining]

For lunch we did the unthinkable - after day after day of Chinese cuisine, we ran towards a Pizza Hut restaurant we spotted and gorged on the western-style food.

Dave trying on the yellow poncho
[Dave trying on the yellow poncho]

After dinner we stopped by a local bank to get some cash out before hitting the shopping districts - it was here that I saw something cool; right there on the bank counter, next to the pen were a pair of glasses (also on a string).  So in case you forget your glasses, you can still fill in the forms and do your banking - I thought that was a great idea.

Glasses in Bank
[Glasses in Bank]

Demoralized by the weather, we headed for the Hilton for a comfortable seat, warm atmosphere and a tall Long Island Tea.  It was here we decided to check out what's happening in the area and picked up some tickets to an evening show of Chinese acrobats.  We also managed to get in touch with Ray and Alex who were to arrive in Shanghai tomorrow.

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