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Day 3. Beijing

Tuesday, March 2, 2021 permalink [Permalink]

I wake up to a knocking at the window - the boys have arrived in Beijing. The crew (short of a few members) is back together again.

I woke to the knocking at my window and from the laughter I could already hear that it was Dave.  How could this be, did they get on an earlier flight?  It turns out that I'd slept through the better part of the day and woke after 4pm.  I guess the body needed to rest and recover, especially since I'd been putting in 12 and 14 hour days to finish the project in Botswana.  As my eyes adjusted to the bright light and focussed on Dave's bright smiling face, "Hello baby!  Are you still sleeping?".

We hugged and as I got dressed I could hear Bill talking in the background next to reception.  I ran out with my fly undone and my eyes still squinting.  It was great to see them both in good spirits, and after two years since our last ride together, a welcome reunion.

Outside the Citycourt Hotel
[Outside Citycourt Hotel]

They had a quick shower, nap, put their bikes together, and then we all went for a walk and to try and find a place to have dinner with a couple of Australian backpackers (mother and daughter) who were also staying at the Citycourt Hotel.

First Chinese Dinner
[First Chinese Dinner]

We walked around Houhai lake and the surrounding areas, we wanted to walk as far as Tiananmen Square but as we quickly realized, Beijing is massive and we'd never be able to do it on foot before 11pm; we decided to turn in for the night and would tackle that one tomorrow.

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